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Practical Exploration of English Innovation and Entrepreneurship Project from the Perspective of School-Enterprise Cooperation

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2019.288


Jiankun Zhang

Corresponding Author

Jiankun Zhang


School-Enterprise Cooperation is a One-Way Process for Colleges and Universities to Take the Initiative to Move Closer to Enterprises and Jointly Run Schools with Enterprises in Order to Realize the Connection between Talent Cultivation and Market Demand. the Integration of Production and Education is an Advanced Stage of School-Enterprise Cooperation, and It is an Interactive Process of Two-Way and Two-Way Integration of School and Enterprise. with the Continuous Reform of the Education System, the Teaching Objectives Are Mainly Developed to the Training of Socially Demanding Talents, and the Theory and Practice Are Continuously Combined to Improve Students' Innovative Practice Ability and Enhance Employment Competitiveness. Cultivating Students' Innovative Practical Ability Requires a Lot of Manpower and Capital. Therefore, Many Colleges and Universities Continuously Cooperate with Enterprises to Increase Students' Practical Opportunities, Improve Their Practical Operation Ability, and Promote Student Employment. the Reform of English Teaching Should Go from School-Enterprise Cooperation to Production-Teaching, So That Students Can Apply the Theoretical Knowledge They Have Learned to Specific Practical Operations in Order to Achieve the Goal of Talent Training. to Achieve the Integration of Production and Education, Colleges and Universities Should Cooperate with Enterprises to Build an Innovative and Entrepreneurial Team, Build a Practical and Practical Integration Base, and Complete the Seamless Connection between English Practice Teaching and Industrial Needs.


School-Enterprise Cooperation; Integration of Production and Education; English; Innovation