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Urban Road Construction Traffic Safety Assessment Based on Equivalent Follow-Up Distance Fde Evaluation

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2019.287


Weiwei Zhan, Honghan Fu

Corresponding Author

Weiwei Zhan


At Present, the Construction of Urban Roads in China Has Entered a Period of Rapid Development. Many Cities Are Planning, Constructing and Improving Urban Road Transportation Systems One after Another. Long-Term and Large-Scale Road Construction Will Bring a Series of Urban Road Traffic Problems. According to the Changing Characteristics of Traffic Flow Characteristics of Construction Roads, This Paper Analyzes the Characteristics and Causes of Traffic Safety, and Finally Proposes the Concept of Equivalent Follow-Up Distance, and Establishes a Traffic Safety Assessment System Based on Fde Evaluation.


Equivalent Car-Pass Distance; Road Construction; Traffic Safety