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The New Situation of Marketing in the Self-Media Era-Taking Tik Tok as an Example

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2019.281


Dihua Tang

Corresponding Author

Dihua Tang


with the Popularity of Smart Phones and the Rapid Development of Internet Technology, the Influence of New Media on the Internet is Increasingly Becoming Significant. the Emergence of New Media Advertising Marketing Covers Areas That Traditional Media Advertising Cannot Reach, and Its Personalization and Interaction Also Add New Vitality and Possibility to Advertising Marketing. in the New Media Market Competition, Tik Tok Plays an Active Leading Role in Short Video Advertising Market. Moreover, Due to Its Wide Adaptability, Large Capacity and Strong Communication, Tik Tok Short Video Platform is Increasingly Becoming a Business Marketing Resort. Based on the Author's Learning and Practical Experience, This Work First Analyzed the Characteristics and Development of the Self-Media Era, Then Analyzed the Form of Tik Tok Marketing, and Finally Put Forward the Development Strategy of Self-Media Advertising Marketing.


Self-Media; New Situation; Tik Tok; Marketing Strategy