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Research on Influencing Factors of Division of Agricultural Carbon Emission Responsibility in China's Provinces

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2019.266


Pengyu Zhao, Xiaowen Dai

Corresponding Author

Xiaowen Dai


Energy Has Become the Core and Source of Power for the Development of Social Productive Forces and the Main Material Basis for the Sustainable Development of Human Society. At the Same Time, China's Energy Consumption is Rising Steadily and the Environmental Problem is Becoming More and More Serious. Reducing Carbon Dioxide Emissions, Continuously Improving the Efficiency of Agricultural Carbon Emissions and Promoting the Development of Low-Carbon Economy Have Become the Consensus of the International Community. Developing a Low-Carbon Economy Has Become the Consensus of the International Community. Continuous Improvement of Carbon Emission Efficiency Can Effectively Stimulate the Potential of Emission Reduction. the Implementation of Agricultural Carbon Emission Reduction Targets Not Only Reflects China's Responsibility as a Large Carbon Emission Country, But Also Shows China's Determination to Transform Its Economic Development Mode and Take a Sustainable Development Path. This Paper Analyzes the Influencing Factors of the Division of Responsibility for Agricultural Carbon Emissions Across Provinces, and Provides Theoretical Basis for Promoting the Transition of Low-Carbon Economies in Various Regions and Formulating Reasonable and Effective Carbon Emission Reduction Policies.


Carbon Dioxide; Carbon Emissions; Influencing Factors; Economic Development