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Research on Countermeasures of Administrative Efficiency of Institutions of Higher Learning Based on Governance Thinking

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2019.264


Lemei Liu

Corresponding Author

Lemei Liu


with the Expansion of Colleges and Universities and the Acceleration of Popularization of Higher Education in Our Country, the Importance of Administrative Management in Institutions of Higher Learning Has Become Increasingly Prominent. Due to the Increasing Number and Scale of Colleges and Universities, Various Problems Have Emerged in the Administration of Many Institutions of Higher Learning. It is of Great Significance to Improve the Work Efficiency of the Administrative Management of Institutions of Higher Learning to Improve the Teaching Professional Level and Quality of Teachers in Higher Learning and to Increase the Scientific Research Achievements of Universities. At Present, Many Colleges and Universities in Our Country Have Low Efficiency in Their Administrative Work. the Existence of This Current Situation Will Affect the Better Performance of Their Administrative Work. Therefore, This Paper, Based on Governance Thinking, Has Carried out a Specific Study on the Countermeasures to Improve the Administrative Efficiency of Colleges and Universities, Hoping That This Study Can Bring Some Inspiration to the Improvement of the Administrative Efficiency of Relevant Colleges and Universities.


Governance Thinking; Institutions of Higher Learning; Administration; Work Efficiency; Countermeasures