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Analysis on the Causes of the Decline of the Special Sports Level of Pe Majors and Its Countermeasures

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2019.262


Zhihong Yin

Corresponding Author

Zhihong Yin


For sport professional training, teachers should be able to train the students to have higher comprehensive quality, professional ability and application ability and other related work as well as investing in the teaching and training so they can fully developed on their talent. At the same time, colleges and universities should expand on the number of student that will be enrolled, because the students may face the risk of losing their jobs after graduation. In addition, the college entrance examination special sports plus should be accounted for a small proportion of the total scores, because the university and high school stage special sports training is out of touch, and the number of times and the time of special sports training in the university is gradually reducing, and the time of high school receiving special sports training is short, resulting in decline level of student-specific sports. It is necessary to increase the proportion of special examinations in the college entrance examination sports, but there should a consistency of special sports training between universities and high schools, to stimulate and maintain the interest of sports majors, and to improve on the number of special sports training and the training time. On this basis, the student's special sports level will be improved, in line with the recruitment needs of employers.


Sports major; Special sports level; Falling cause