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Service Marketing Strategy Based on Customer Perceived Value

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2019.258


Lingyan Zhu

Corresponding Author

Lingyan Zhu


Intangibility, indivisibility, changeability and timeliness are four characteristics of service. The characteristics of service make service marketing different from traditional marketing. When customers evaluate the service and make purchase decisions, they often base on customer perceived value. Therefore, enterprises should use a variety of marketing strategies and means based on customer perceived value to influence customers' cognition of service value and form a value concept beneficial to enterprises. Through experiential marketing, we can explore the value of services from the perspective of consumers, reduce the purchase risk of customers, and focus on the overall value perception of customers. Through dynamic and changeable pricing strategies, the perceived value of the service can be improved by reducing the time and geographical constraints of the service. One of the marketing trends is the technology and data of marketing. Through digital marketing, the service cost can be reduced and the service value can be improved. Problems and abnormal links can be adjusted by funnel analysis to improve the perceived value of users.


Service Marketing; Customer Perceived Value; Digital Marketing; Experience Marketing