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Research on the Countermeasures of China's Nuclear Power Development under the Constraint of Carbon Emission

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2019.257


Hao Wu

Corresponding Author

Hao Wu


Due to the Massive Development of Fossil Energy, Serious Ecological and Environmental Damage Has Been Caused, and Clean and Low-Carbonization Have Become the Development Strategies of Countries All over the World. Based on the Advantages of Resources, China Has Formed a Coal-Based Energy Structure. Carbon Emissions Rank First in the World for Many Years. the Pressure of Emission Reduction is Huge, and Energy Transformation is Imminent. in Recent Years, China's Renewable Energy Has Been Greatly Developed, But It is Difficult to Become the Main Energy Source in the Short Term Due to Its Intermittent Nature, Immature Supporting Industries, and Excessive Systemic Economics. as a Clean and Low-Carbon Nuclear Power Has Great Room for Development, But Due to the Fukushima Accident, Nuclear Power Development Has Encountered Unprecedented Difficulties, Especially the Development of New Sites is Very Difficult. This Paper Discusses the Idea of Cluster-Based Development of Nuclear Power.


Energy; Electricity; Nuclear Power; Planning