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Research on Marketing Risk Evaluation Method Based on Consumer Behavior Analysis

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2019.256


Yanxia Zhang, Xiang Gao

Corresponding Author

Xiang Gao


in the Process of Marketing, Enterprises Will Be Affected by Different Factors, Such as Economic Policies, Market Demand, Science and Technology, and Their Own Limitations. There Are Some Foreseeable and Unforeseeable Risks Arising from This. the Main Manifestations of These Risks Are Product Risks, Pricing Risks, Etc. as the Main Body of Marketing, Enterprises Are Bound to Bear All the Benefits or Losses Brought about by Marketing Risks. in General, the Influence Brought by Marketing Risks is Mostly Negative, That is, the Losses Suffered by Enterprises Due to Their Own Mistakes or Objective Problems. If the Company Ignores or Fails to Deal with Various Risks Correctly, It Will Be Subject to Significant Losses, and Even Bankruptcy Will Be Eliminated. to Anticipate and Properly Handle Various Risks, Information Analysis of Risks Must Be Conducted to Serve Risk Management and Risk Decision-Making. Based on the Analysis of Consumer Behavior, This Paper Explores the Methods of Risk Assessment in Marketing and Actively Seeks Strategies to Deal with Marketing Risks.


Marketing; Risks; Consumer Behavior