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Application and Research of Consumer Psychology Based on Emotional Experience in Packaging Design

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2019.253


Wang Jiahui

Corresponding Author

Wang Jiahui


with the Continuous Improvement of People's Living Standards, People Are No Longer Only Satisfied with Food and Clothing, But Are More and More Picky about Commodities. Packaging Design is Closely Related to Consumer Psychology. under the Modern Fashion Concept of Consumption, Consumers Not Only Pay Attention to the Material Value of Commodities, But Also Pursue the Spiritual Value of Commodities. Packaging Has Always Been an Important Means of Promotion in the Circulation of Commodities, and is Also the Media Most in Line with Consumers' Psychological Demands. Due to the Differences in Personality and Consumer Psychology, People Have Multi-Dimensional Emotional Demands for Commodity Packaging Design. All Kinds of Aesthetic Feeling of Packaging Design Can Be Regarded as the Object in Aesthetic Relationship, While the Consumer is the Subject. Therefore, the Aesthetic Value of Packaging Design is Closely Related to the Inner Feelings of Consumers. Based on the Emotional Experience of Consumers, This Paper Discusses the Role of Consumer Psychology in Commodity Packaging Design, Expounds the Current Situation and Existing Problems of Product Packaging Design, and Puts Forward the Psychological Strategy of Packaging Design on This Basis.


Packaging Design; Consumer Psychology; Emotional Experience; Aesthetic