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Research on the Role of Ontology-Based Law in Chinese Economic Growth

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2019.252


Fei Li, Wei Lin

Corresponding Author

Fei Li


the Role of Law in Chinese Economic Growth Has Been Disputed by Scholars At Home and Abroad. Chinese Economic Growth Benefits from Chinese Economic System Reform, While the Effective Advancement of Chinese Economic System Reform Mainly Benefits from a Series of Laws on Promoting and Consolidating the Economic System Reform and Its Achievements. the Coordinated Development of Regional Economy is an Important Part of the Scientific Concept of Development and the Establishment of a Harmonious Society, But Little Attention Has Been Paid to the Role, Mechanism and Field of Legal Coordination in Regional Economic Integration. However, Ontology Expresses Commonly Accepted and Shareable Knowledge through the Strict Definition of Concepts and the Relationship between Concepts. by Analyzing a Series of Research Methods Such as Supply and Demand System Economics, Legal Behavior, Economic Law and So on, and Applying Them to Chinese Economic Development Research, the Conclusion is That Chinese Economic Law Research Can Provide a Broad Development Path for Legal Economics. Law, as the Escort of Economic Reform, Provides “Double-Track” Incentives and Special Institutional Flexibility of Chinese Style, While the Change Trend of Its Function is to Return to Orthodox Theory.


Ontology; Chinese Economic Growth; Law; Regional Economy