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Application Analysis of Short-Term Statistical Forecast of Macroeconomic Data

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2019.251


Xiaoyu Liu

Corresponding Author

Xiaoyu Liu


with the Rapid Development of Economy and Information Technology, the Construction of Macroeconomic Monitoring and Forecasting System is Becoming More and More Important. Various Forecasting Methods, Including Econometric Methods, Input-Output Analysis Methods, System Dynamics Methods and Optimization Methods, Have Been Widely Used in National Economic Analysis and Forecasting. the Impact of Data Defects on Evaluation and Prediction Results Cannot Be Effectively Solved Only by Improving Methods and Models. Judging the Quality of Economic Growth by Scientific and Reasonable Evaluation and Prediction Methods Can Provide Support for Policy Decisions. Evaluating and Predicting the Trend of Economic Growth Quality Can Provide Reference and Basis for Government Decision-Making, and is the Premise and Basis for Ensuring the Steady Improvement of Economic Growth Quality. This Paper Will Mainly Study How to Combine Internet Data with Statistical Data, Give Full Play to the Respective Advantages of the Two Types of Data, and Achieve Accurate Evaluation and Short-Term Forecast of Economic Growth Quality.


Macroeconomics; Data; Forecast; Economic Growth