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Analysis of Effective Marketing Strategies Based on New Media Platform

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2019.249


Jiayi Luo

Corresponding Author

Jiayi Luo


in the Current Society, the Internet Technology Has Gradually Become Popular and Has a Very Important Influence in All Sectors of Society. under This Background, New Media Marketing Has Also Emerged. the Emergence of New Media is of Great Significance to the Development of Enterprises. New Media Can Provide a Certain Platform and Opportunity for Enterprise Marketing, Thus Promoting the Promotion of Enterprise Marketing Level. under the New Media Platform, Enterprises Have Obvious Advantages in Marketing. the Role of Advertising Has Been Expanded Infinitely. Information and Networking Make the Scope of Media Communication Expand Continuously. However, the Content is More and More Homogeneous, the Channel is More and More out of Control, the User is More and More Difficult to Please, and the Traditional Marketing Strategy and Rhythm Gradually Fail. through Research, This Paper Analyzes the Problems Existing in Enterprise Marketing under the New Media Platform, and Puts Forward the Strategies for Enterprises to Use New Media to Effectively Carry out Marketing, Which Plays a Positive Role in Improving Enterprise Marketing Ability and Promoting Enterprise Development.


New Media; Marketing; Strategy