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Analysis of the Impact of Macroeconomic Business Analysis on Modern Management Accounting Information Decision-Making

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2019.248


Cheng Jiasheng

Corresponding Author

Cheng Jiasheng


Management Accounting Should Not Only Summarize and Report the Historical Financial Situation of the Enterprise, But Also Plan and Control Various Economic Activities That Occur on a Daily Basis and Provide Decision-Making Related Information. Accounting Informatization is the Trend of Financial Department Development. It Has Both Advantages and Disadvantages for Financial Management. Positive Impacts Include Cost Reduction and Efficiency Enhancement, Promotion of Consolidated Statements, Overall Overall Overall Management and Promotion of Enterprise Progress. Negative Impacts Are Mainly Information Security, and There Are Still Deficiencies in Enterprise Management and System Functions. under the Macro-Economic Environment, Based on the Work of Financial Accounting in China, It Can Play a Positive Role in Promoting the Construction of Management Accounting Information by Conforming to the National Government Reform Path and Selecting Advanced and Scientific Information Technology to Serve the Financial System. At the Same Time, It Can Provide Accurate and Timely Information for Enterprises, Which is Convenient for Enterprises to Make Better Decisions.


Macroeconomics; Business Analysis; Big Data; Management Accounting; Informatization