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Research on the Reform and Innovative Development of Chorus Conductor Teaching Method in Colleges and Universities Based on Flipping Classroom

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2019.246


Zhao Peng

Corresponding Author

Zhao Peng


Modern people's understanding of choral art is deepening, and society's demand for such talents is also increasing. The application of flip classroom mode in chorus conducting teaching can effectively stimulate students' interest in learning and truly realize the transformation from passive learning to autonomous learning. The relatively independent teaching method of conducting and chorus is not conducive to the overall improvement of students' chorus conducting ability. Although China's chorus industry is developing rapidly, obstacles will inevitably be encountered on the way forward. In the teaching of conducting, we should let the students grasp the conducting knowledge from the angle of the chorus, and grasp the psychology of the chorus, so as to better grasp the conducting methods and techniques. This paper analyzes the specific application of flipped classroom teaching mode in chorus command teaching in Colleges and universities, and puts forward the reform and innovation strategies of teaching methods to strengthen the effective application of flipped classroom teaching mode.


Chorus conductor; Teaching methods; Turn over the classroom; Reform