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Research on the Development Countermeasure of Yiwu Hotel Industry under the Background of “the Belt and Road”

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2019.239


He Shuming

Corresponding Author

He Shuming


the Proposal of “One Belt and One Road” Has Not Only Promoted the Economic Development of the Countries Along the Border and the Surrounding Cities, But Also Brought about the Emergence, Development and Prosperity of the Related Industries in Many Cities. as a “One Belt and One Road” City Along China's Borders, Yiwu's Commerce and Economy and Tourism Economy Are Developing Rapidly, Making the Hotel Industry Highly Prosperous. However, in Recent Years, There Are Many Problems in the Development of Yiwu Hotel Industry. Based on This, This Paper Analyzes the Development Mode and Current Situation of Yiwu's Hotel Industry Relying on the “One Belt and One Way” Economic Belt, and Puts Forward the Development Countermeasures Such as Training Network Marketing Personnel, Optimizing the Industrial Structure and Implementing the Brand Competition Strategy, Hoping to Provide Some References for the Future Development of Yiwu's Hotel Industry.


“One Belt and One Road”; Yiwu; Hotel Industry; Development Countermeasures