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Study on the Communication Strategy of National Traditional Sports Culture from the Perspective of Internationalization

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2019.238


Fu Wencan

Corresponding Author

Fu Wencan


In the Continuous Development of Sports in China, National Traditional Sports Occupy a Very Important Position and Are One of the Important Inheritance of Chinese Traditional Culture. as the Process of Internationalization Continues to Accelerate, Chinese Traditional Sports Culture Has Received Extensive Attention as One of the Country's Soft Powers. Therefore, Based on the International Vision, This Paper Deeply Studies the Value of National Traditional Sports Culture and the Problems Faced by National Traditional Sports Culture. Moreover, It Further Proposes Ways to Enrich the Channels of Traditional Sports Culture Communication and Improve the Communication Strategies of the National Traditional Sports Culture Communication System.


The Perspective of Internationalization; National Traditional Sports Culture; Communication Strategy; Cultural Value