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Development and Research of Global Science and Technology Innovation Situation of Micro-Chemical Technology

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2019.234


Ji Xiyan, Wang Meirong, Liu Lijing

Corresponding Author

Ji Xiyan


with the Further Advancement of Economic Globalization, Chemical Technology Has Developed Rapidly. as the Cutting-Edge Technology in the Chemical Industry, Micro-Chemical Technology Has a Prominent Role in the Controllability, Safety and Efficiency of the Experiment. Compared with Other Developed Countries, China's Micro-Chemical Technology Patents Have a Weak Global Layout Awareness and Lack of Competition Awareness, and There is Still a Lack of Core Innovation Technology. Based on This, This Paper Analyzes the Regional Distribution of Patents, the Status Quo of Research Institutions, and Key Patents, and Then Studies the Global Technological Innovation of Micro-Chemical Technology, in Order to Provide Reference for the Development of China's Chemical Industry.


Micro-Chemical Technology; Geographical Distribution; Institutional Competition; Patent Analysis