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Discussion on Gas Well Productivity Analysis Method

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2019.232


Wang Nutao, Liuyufan, Lin Huoyang

Corresponding Author

Wang Nutao


Productivity Analysis of Gas Wells to Determine the Productivity of Gas Wells is One of the Important Components of Gas Reservoir Engineering Design. in Actual Production, People Use Binomial Deliverability Analysis Regardless of Gas Well Pressure or Production. Even Simpler Methods Use One-Point Method for Deliverability Analysis and Binomial Analysis Regardless of Gas Reservoir Permeability. It Seems That Binomial Deliverability Equation Analysis Method is a General Method for Gas Well Deliverability and Has No Special Features. This Paper Starts with Deliverability Equation, Discusses the Change of Binomial Coefficient on the Basis of Analyzing the Physical Meaning of Binomial Deliverability Equation, and Analyzes Its Influence on Deliverability. through Analysis, It is Believed That the Productivity Analysis of Wells with Low Production or Low Permeability Can Completely Ignore the Influence of Non-Darcy Flow, I.e. Can Ignore the Influence of Inertial Energy, So That the Analysis is Simpler and the Results Are in Line with the Production Practice.


Productivity Analysis; Capacity Test; Binomial