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The Governance of the Grass Roots under the Guidance of the Party Building at the Grassroots Level

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2019.229


Wang Sijing

Corresponding Author

Wang Sijing


the Party Building At the Grass-Roots Level is the Premise and Foundation to Ensure the Implementation of the Party's Line, Principles and Policies, Which is Closely Related to the Governance At the Grass-Roots Level. in Recent Years, Although Many Places Have Actively Explored the Innovation of Grass-Roots Governance and Gradually Formed a Scientific and Effective Grass-Roots Governance Model, Grass-Roots Governance Still Faces Many Problems to Be Solved. Based on This, on the Basis of Expounding the Importance of Grass-Roots Party Construction Leading Grass-Roots Governance, This Paper Systematically Analyzes the Difficulties Faced by Grass-Roots Governance from the Aspects of the Relationship between Cadres and the Masses, Serving the Masses and Community Governance, and Puts Forward a Series of Optimization Paths in Order to Provide Some Reference for Improving the Level of Grass-Roots Governance.


Grass Roots Party Construction; Grass Roots Governance; Importance; Dilemma; Optimization Path