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Research on the Integrated and Innovative Development of Sharing Concept and Marxist Economic

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2019.228


Niu Zhenyu

Corresponding Author

Niu Zhenyu


the Concept of Sharing in the New Era is the Latest Achievement of Marxist Economic Theory in Modern China. the Goal of Sharing Idea is to Share Resources among All Citizens. the Main Way to Achieve This Goal is to Separate the Right to Use Resources from the Property Right of Resources. This Paper Deeply Analyzes the Theory of the Integration of the Sharing Concept and Marxist Economy in the New Era, and Points out That the Main Characteristics of the Sharing Theory Are to Separate the Ownership and Use Right of Resources, Change Resources from Private to Public and Create More Abundant Resources. on This Basis, It Puts Forward the Development Ideas of the New Era Sharing Concept Combined with Marxist Economic Theory, Such as Matching the Supply and Demand Relationship, Promoting Market Full Trading and Social Resource Sharing.


Sharing Concept; Marxist Economy; Integration and Innovation; Development