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Study on the Psychological Pressure and Adjustment of Tour Guides under the Background of Multimedia

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2019.222


Xin Lei

Corresponding Author

Xin Lei


with the Continuous Development of China's Social Economy, the National Tourism Industry is Becoming More and More Popular. as an Indispensable Part of Tourism, the Psychological Pressure of Tour Guides Have Gradually Increased. At Present, Relevant Experts Analyze the Psychological Pressure and Reasons Faced by Tour Guides on Professional Orientation, Interpersonal Relationship and Personal Emotions, and Put Forward How to Deal with the Pressure, Which Has Played a Role to Some Extent, But It Has Never Been Able to Really Solve the Various Pressures Faced by Tour Guides. on This Basis, This Paper Puts Forward the Debugging Method in the Face of Psychological Pressure Combined with the Application of Multimedia.


Tour Guide; Tourism; Psychological Pressure; Debugging Methods