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Developing Characteristics and Optimal Strategic Decision of Traditional Horse Industry--Xilingol League of Inner Mongolia Taked as an Example

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2019.208


Ai Yunhui, Wang Huaidong, Wang Ruixing, Xue Chen

Corresponding Author

Ai Yunhui


the Index System of Development Evaluation of National Horse Industry of Xilingol League Was Constructed in the Article to Reveal the Intensive Development and Characteristics of Various Regions of Xilingol League, and the Topsis Model Was Used in the Paper. on This Basis, the Structure Model of Strategic Decision-Making Analysis Was Constructed to Carry out Specific Strategic Measures. the Study Showed That There Were Significant Differences in the Development of the National Industry in Xilingol League, and Cities of Xilinhaote, Xiwuzhumuqin and Abaga Were At the First Development Level. Cities of Dongwuzhumuqin, Taipusi and Sunitezuo Wre in the Second Level, and Other Areas in the Third Level. the Development of Horse Industry Should Be Considered from Following Areas: to Protect the Horses in the Region, to Speed Up the Demonstration of Key Projects, to Optimize the Allocation of Resources and Play the Traditional Characteristics of the Region, to Develop National Horse Culture Development Model, to Establish National Horse Racing Mechanism, to Innovate Horse Product Development, and to Establish and Improve the Policy System. the Transformation of National Horse Industry Would Speed Up and Upgrade for of National Horse Industry by the Above Measures.


National Horse Industry; Development Evaluation; Strategy Analysis; Western Region