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Countermeasures against Flight Attendants’ Job Burnout from the Perspective of Organizational Support

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2019.207


Sun Jun

Corresponding Author

Sun Jun


Focused on airlines, the thesis analyses the causes of flight attendants’job burnout in quite wide ranges. The following causes are contributors to flight attendants’ job burnout: job role ambiguity, lack of perceived organizational support and care about employee’s interests, and the enhanced fatigue due to the shortage of human resource. From the perspective of organizational support, the thesistries to provide airlines with organizational interventional strategies to manage job burnout effectivelyin terms of fatigue managerial duties, inflight service procedures, organizational support service, human resource investment, and employee value recognition, etc.


Flight Attendants; Job Burnout; Perceived Organizational Support; Organizational Interventional Strategies