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Research on the Strategy of Promoting China's Agricultural Products Trade Competitiveness under the Background of “the Belt and Road”

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2019.206


Yao Tao

Corresponding Author

Yao Tao


China's “the Belt and Road” Strategy Has Provided New Impetus for the Economic Development of China and the Countries Along the Line. However, with the Continuous Development of the “the Belt and Road” Strategy, the Structure of China's Agricultural Products Import and Export Trade Has Been Gradually Unbalanced, Which Has Affected the Trade Development of China's Agricultural Products. Therefore, Based on the Background of “the Belt and Road”, This Paper, through Studying the Plight Faced by China's Foreign Trade in Agricultural Products, Has Come Up with Four Countermeasures to Improve the Import and Export System of Agricultural Products, the Construction of Agricultural Trade Infrastructure, the Development of Cross Border e-Commerce in China's Agricultural Products and the Competitiveness of Agricultural Products, So as to Enhance the Competitiveness of China's Agricultural Products Trade.


International Competitiveness; Development Dilemma; the Belt and Road; Trade in Agricultural Products