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Research on the Construction of Hainan International Aviation Logistics Center under the Background of Cross-Border e-Commerce

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2019.205


Yunpei Wang

Corresponding Author

Yunpei Wang


with the Rapid Development of Cross-Border e-Commerce, International Aviation Logistics Plays an Important Role in Global Trade. Based on This, Hainan's Construction of an International Aviation Logistics Center Has a Greater Role in Promoting Hainan's Economic Development. However, Compared with the International Aviation Logistics Center, the Construction of Domestic Aviation Logistics Center is Still in a Backward Stage. Therefore, the Construction of Air Logistics Center in Hainan Still Needs to Be Explored and Studied to Build a Successful Area. This Paper Studies the Four Aspects of Aviation Facilities Network, Logistics Transportation, Information Technology Services and Expanding Overseas Cargo Routes in Order to Provide Reference for the Construction of International Aviation Logistics Center in Hainan.


Cross-Border Electricity Supplier; Hainan; International Aviation; Logistics Centre; Research and Analysis