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Analysis on the Application of Accounting Standards in Colleges and Universities to Regional Economic Development

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2019.204


Li Xiaoyun

Corresponding Author

Li Xiaoyun


as an Important Part of Regional Economic Development, Accounting Talents Play an Irreplaceable Role in Regional Economic Development. under the New Era, the Cultivation of Accounting Talents in Universities Will Serve the Development of the Regional Economy. with the Continuous Improvement of Society, Accounting Has Become an Indispensable Position in Various Fields, and the Cultivation of Accounting Professionals is Becoming More and More Important. However, At Present, There Are Still Many Shortcomings to the Ability Training Mode of Accounting Professionals in Various Universities. the Reform of the Current Accounting Professional Training Mechanism Cannot Be Delayed. the Article First Puts Forward the Limitations of the Ability of Accounting Majors in Various Universities, and Puts Forward Specific Suggestions for the Construction of Accounting Professional Competence.


Colleges and Universities; Accounting Major; Competence Standard; Regional Economy; Ability Training