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Research on Performance Evaluation of University Counselors in the Internet + Environment

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2019.195


Demiao Yu

Corresponding Author

Demiao Yu


with the Promotion of Enrollment Expansion in Chinese Universities, More and More Counselors Are Employed by Graduate Students. However, the Traditional Performance Appraisal Method is Still Used to Evaluate the Work of These Counselors, Which is Not Only Inconsistent with the Actual Situation of Class Management in Colleges and Universities, But Also Makes the Management of Counselors a Mere Formality. in the Process of China's Economic Transformation and Upgrading, “Internet +” Plays an Important Role. Internet Information Technology Plays an Important Role in Improving Work Efficiency and Service Efficiency. Starting from the Problems Existing in the Traditional Performance Appraisal of University Counselors, This Paper Proposes an Optimization Strategy for University Counselors' Performance Appraisal Combined with “Internet +”.


Internet +; Counselor; Performance Appraisal