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Integrated Marketing Communication Innovation of Tv Brand in the Era of Media Integration

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2019.184


Kai Wang

Corresponding Author

Kai Wang


Facing the Increasingly Prominent Advantages of the Internet, Traditional Media is in Danger. However, in Fact, New Media Has Not Yet Reached the Point of Completely Devouring and Eliminating the Traditional One. with the Emergence of New Media, the Competition between Media Began to Intensify. the Integration of the Traditional Media and New Media Has Inevitably Become a Trend. the Concept of “Tv Brand” Has Begun to Be Recognized and Valued, Which is of Important Practical Significance. It Can Be Said That for Tv Programs with Fierce Competition, Brand Means New Vitality and Broad Development Prospects. to Study the Brand of Tv Programs from the Perspective of Integrated Marketing is a Problem as Well as a Strategy Worthy of Attention in the Branding Process of Tv Programs.


Integrated Marketing; Branding of Tv Programs; Brand Building