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Analysis of Market Operation Mechanism of Chinese Sports Non-Profit Organizations Based on Harmonious Management

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2019.183


Guiyun Liu

Corresponding Author

Guiyun Liu


Building a Harmonious Society is an Important Strategic Concept in Chinese Socialist Modernization Construction, and It is Also a Comprehensive and Systematic Target System. Non-Profit Sports Organizations, as the Third Force in the Society, Play an Important Coordination, Auxiliary and Supplementary Function between the Government and the Market. Their Development Has Effectively Promoted the Construction of a Harmonious Society. as a Major Organizational and Institutional Innovation Outside the Market System and the National System, Sports Non-Profit Organizations Play an Important Role in Promoting Administrative Reform, Providing Public Goods, Promoting Social Public Welfare and Realizing Social Harmony in the Process of Public Management with Their Unique Nature and Unique Advantages. Harmonious Management Theory is a Practical Problem-Oriented Theory. It is of Great Significance to Construct a Coordination Mechanism of Sports Non-Profit Organization Alliance Based on Harmonious Management Theory to Resolve the Dilemma of Collective Action within the Alliance.


Harmonious Management; Non-Profit Sports Organizations; Market Operation Mechanism