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Study on the Town Evolution in the Southwest Border Area of China

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2019.181


Chen Tian

Corresponding Author

Chen Tian


The policy environment, geographical location, natural environment, humanities, history and other factors have driven the town development model of southwest border area of China to show great convergence. The adverse consequences of convergence have in turn hindered the development of towns. Taking the theory of “convergence evolution” as the starting point. The evolutionary economics theory of evolution, variation and selection is used to explore the town evolution model and development path. By analyzing the general logic of evolution, find: in the early stage of town development in the southwest border area of China, the “big environment” of development will inevitably produce similarities in development patterns between towns; in the process of development, towns in order to seize the “optimal development position” leads to competition; the long-term competition will evolve into vicious competition and adversely affect town development; therefore, cities will gradually cooperate in the process of competition and communication. So, towns in the southwest border area of China should actively explore cooperation and coordinate development mechanisms to enhance the complementarity and interactivity between towns to offset the adverse consequences of convergence.


Southwest border area of china; Town; Evolution model