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Research on Innovation and Practice of Enterprise Economic Management Based on New Situation

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2019.176


Jing Zeng, Xin Rao

Corresponding Author

Jing Zeng


with the Continuous Development of China's Social Economy and the Acceleration of Economic Globalization, China's Current Market Economy Environment is Also Facing Great Changes. Enterprise Managers Must Pay Attention to the Dynamic Changes of the Market, Grasp the Market Characteristics, Seize the Development Opportunities and Reduce the Development Risks. under the New Situation, There Are Still Many Problems in the Economic Management of Enterprises in Our Country. We Must Take Certain Measures to Innovate the Economic Management in Order to Create More Benefits for Enterprises. the Innovation of Enterprise Economic Management Mode is the Key to Enhance the Competitiveness of Enterprises in the Market and is Also an Important Prerequisite to Ensure the Sustainable Development of Enterprises. Based on the Actual Market Environment, This Paper Analyzes the Problems in the Process of Economic Management Innovation and Practice Faced by Enterprises. So as to Ensure That Enterprises Can Achieve the Goal of Improving Their Market Competitiveness under the New Situation on the Basis of Maintaining Their Own Operation Direction.


Globalization; New Situation; Economic Management; Innovation; Practice