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An Experimental Study on Aerobics Athletes' Balance Ability Based on Modern Educational Technology

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2019.173


Chen Xinrui

Corresponding Author

Chen Xinrui


Aerobics is an Aperiodic Skill Sport Based on Flexibility and Coordination, with Strength and Strength as the Core and Endurance as the Guarantee. on the Basis of Reading Literature and Aerobics Teaching and Training Practice, This Paper Attempts to Reform the Traditional Aerobics Athletes' Balance Ability Training Method by Using Computer Multimedia Technology under the Guidance of Modern Educational Technology Theory. through Experimental Comparison, This Paper Analyzes and Discusses That Modern Educational Technology Can Improve the Balance Ability of Aerobics Athletes and is Conducive to the Implementation of Quality Education. the Results Show That Modern Educational Technology Has a Great Influence and Promotion on the Balance Ability of Aerobics Athletes. Aerobics Professional Athletes in Colleges and Universities Surveyed Have a Good Understanding of Modern Educational Technology, and the Use of Software Technology and Teaching Equipment Needs to Be Improved and Improved. after Core Strength Training, Athletes Can Effectively Control Their Body Posture in Both Twist and Air Jump Movements, Maintain the Stability of Their Trunks, Achieve Higher Completion Rates of Twist and Rotation Movements, and Improve Their Athletic Performance.


Modern Educational Technology; Aerobics Athletes; Balance Ability; Core Strength