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A Study on Sensitive Areas and Communication Strategies of English Intercultural Communication Based on Ability Cultivation

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2019.169


Zhang Yingzhi

Corresponding Author

Zhang Yingzhi


English Cross-Cultural Communication is the Most Extensive and Typical Field in Cross-Cultural Communication. Due to Many Reasons Such as Nationality, History, Geography and Society, Differences between Languages, Conflicts and Misreading of Heterogeneous Cultures and Collision of National Cultural Psychology Are Most Fully and Obviously Displayed in English Cross-Cultural Communication. Language and Culture Are Inseparable, and Language is Not Just a Symbol System. to Discuss the Social and Cultural Problems in Foreign Language Teaching, We Must First Clarify the Purpose of Foreign Language Teaching and Learning. We Must Fully Understand That the Process of English Communication Should Also Be a Process of Cultural Exchange, and We Need to Take Appropriate Measures to Integrate Social and Cultural Knowledge into the Training of Various Skills. Based on the Analysis of the Current Situation of English Communication, This Paper Expounds the Urgency and Importance of Cross-Cultural Teaching. It Also Analyzes the Sensitive Areas of English Cross-Cultural Communication and Puts Forward the Strategies of English Cross-Cultural Communication.


Cross-Cultural; English; Communication Strategies; Sensitive Domain