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The Bottleneck of Jiuhuashan Buddhist Music Culture Tourism Development and Countermeasure Analysis

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2019.167


Chaoming Long

Corresponding Author

Chaoming Long


There Are Many Types of Religious Beliefs in Our Country, and There Are Many Religious Tourism Resources, among Which Buddhist Cultural Resources Are the Most Significant. Survey Data Show That Buddhist Cultural Tourism Can Develop for a Long Time. However, Great Attention Should Be Paid to the Bottleneck Problems Existing in the Tourism Development Process. on This Basis, This Article Will Show the Meaning of Buddhist Tourism Culture and Highlight the Buddhist Connotation That Should Be Further Explored. At the Same Time, Jiuhuashan is Taken as an Example to Make an Empirical Study, Hoping to Bring Help to the Development of Buddhist Tourism Culture in China. Jiuhuashan Buddhist Music Has Exerted a Great Influence on Buddhist Believers and Local Music in the Vicinity of Jiuhuashan, But There Are Some Bottleneck Problems in Its Development Today. with the Rapid Development of Society Today, Some Other Types of Music Are Better Understood. Solving the Problems Encountered in Jiuhuashan's Buddhist Music Development Can Help Him to Enhance His Influence. the Research on This Topic Can Provide Basis for the Development of Religious Music in Other Regions in the Future.


Jiuhuashan; Buddhist Music; Cultural Characteristics; Tourism Development