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Analysis of Physical Fitness Training in Juvenile Football Training Based on Structural Perspective

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2019.165


Jiaheng Li

Corresponding Author

Jiaheng Li


It is Not Difficult to See from the World Youth Football Match That the Situation of Winning the Match by Relying Solely on Personal Skills and Overall Tactical Advantages is Different from That of the Past. Teams with Superior Personal Skills and Overall Tactics Are Not Necessarily Able to Win the Final Victory of the Match. Based on the Structural Perspective, This Paper Analyzes the Physical Fitness Training in the Youth Soccer Training. on This Basis, It Further Studies the Evaluation Index System and Evaluation Criteria of the Physical Fitness Level of the Youth Soccer Players. the Results Show That to Change the Current Situation of Chinese Football, We Must Start with Young Athletes, Pay Attention to Physical Training and Psychological Quality Training in Their Youth, Lay a Good Foundation and Form Good Habits to Cope with Various World Competitions in Order to Improve the Level of Chinese Football.


Structural Perspective; Youth Soccer; Physical Training