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Risk Analysis and Control Measures on Merger & Reorganization of Enterprises

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2019.164


Wang Xue

Corresponding Author

Wang Xue


Mergers & Acquisitions of Enterprises Are the Inevitable Result of Optimizing the Allocation of Resources. It is Likewise the Main Way for Enterprises to Expand and Add Value. with the Continuous Development of China's Market Economy, the Competition among Enterprises in the Market is More and More Fierce, and the Merger and Reorganization of Enterprises Are More and More Common. There Are Many Unpredictable Risks in the Process of Mergers & Acquisitions. Many Uncertain Factors May Interfere with It. in This Paper, the Motivation and Reason of Merger & Reorganization, as Well as the Possible Risk Factors in This Process, is Analyzed Briefly, and the Corresponding Control Measures Are Discussed.


Mergers & Acquisitions; Risk Analysis; Control Measures