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Humanistic Care under Experience Economy --Analysis of Ikea's Experiential Marketing Strategy

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2019.154


Jingwen Xie

Corresponding Author

Jingwen Xie


Since 21 Centuries, Mankind Begins to Enter Experience Economy Era. in the Past Ten Years, as the Product of Experience Economy, New Experiential Marketing Has Achieved Great Success in Helping Enterprises to Develop. However, It Seems That Most Chinese Enterprises Lack Experience, Leading to Many Problems in the Implementation of Experience Marketing. Based on the Family's Float Subsequently Unicorn - Ikea as the Research Object, First Expounded the Basic Characteristics of Experiential Marketing, and the Rightness of Ikea is Analyzed, Finally Evolved from Ikea Use Experiential Marketing Mode to Sum Up Experience in One of the World's Largest Home-Improvement Retailer, Hope to Provide Some Experience for Our Domestic Household Enterprises for Reference.


Experience Economy; Experiential Marketing; New Marketing Strategy; Ikea