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Research on the Application of 360 Degree Management in the Construction of Enterprise Administration Specialization

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2019.151


Yang Liu

Corresponding Author

Yang Liu


The construction of administrative specialization is the key to the establishment of a first-class office, and it is of great significance to the efficiency of office administration. How to promote the professionalization of office administration will be an important issue in office management. Therefore, the author will try to apply 360 management concepts and methods to the construction of administrative specialization. This article will start with the connotation of 360 degree management concept, combined with the characteristics of office administrative work, comprehensively analyze the fit of 360 degree management and administrative specialization creation. In the end, this paper will propose countermeasures and suggestions for applying the 360-degree management concept in the construction of administrative specialization, in order to realize the coordinated operation and effective management of the collaborative office system and the integrated information platform for duty.


360 Degree Management; Administrative Specialization; Effective Management