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China Launched the Drafting of the National Smart Car Innovation Development Strategy

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2019.139


Mingming An, Yuqi Yang

Corresponding Author

Mingming An


the Automobile Industry is an Important Strategic and Pillar Industry of the National Economy and Closely Related to the Lives of the People. with the Increasing Popularity of Automobiles, China Has Rapidly Entered the Automobile Society. the Current Development of Smart Cars is Not Only an Important Means to Solve the Problems of Traffic Safety, Road Congestion, Energy Consumption, Environmental Pollution, Etc., But Also an Important Support for Deepening Supply-side Structural Reform, Implementing Innovation-Driven Development Strategies, and Building a Modern and Powerful Country. It is of Great Significance to Continuously Meet the Growing Needs of the People. This Strategy Was Developed to Accelerate the Development of Smart Car Innovation.


Smart Car; Innovative Development; Strategic Planning