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Research on Management Accounting Information Construction with Cloud Computing Platform as the Core

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2019.137


Zhang Hui

Corresponding Author

Zhang Hui


the World Civilization Has Experienced Three Industrial Revolutions in Total. Cloud Computing Technology is the Representative Technology in the Third Industrial Revolution. the Birth and Development of Cloud Computing Technology Has Changed People's Daily Life and Enterprise Management. Cloud Computing Technology Can Provide a Better Fusion Place for Information Technology and Management Accounting. in View of This, This Paper Studies and Analyzes the Advantages of the Development of Management Accounting Information, Discusses the Construction of Cloud Computing Management Accounting Platform, and Studies and Analyzes the Points That Need to Be Paid Attention to in the Process of the Integration of Cloud Computing Platform and Management Accounting Information, and Puts Forward Several Optimization Measures and Implementation Strategies on This Basis.


Cloud Computing Platform; Management Accounting Information; Construction