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Research Management Information and Business Process Optimization

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2019.130


Yuan Kun, Zhang Ying, Zhu Yangpeng

Corresponding Author

Yuan Kun


under the Background of the Continuous Popularization of Campus Information, Optimizing the Business Process of Scientific Research Management Plays an Important Role in the Smooth Development of Scientific Research Management This Paper Describes the Current Situation of Scientific Research Management Business Relationship and Process in f College, and Analyzes the Existing Problems under the Condition of Informatization Using Bpi Theory to Determine the Optimization Objectives and Methods, Re Refining and Classifying the Scientific Research Business Process of f College, and Clearly Optimizing the Business Process According to the Scientific Research Information Management System, Reflecting the Service and Professionalism of Scientific Research Management, Better Providing Services for Scientific Researchers, and Promoting the Development and Reform of Scientific Research of College.


Business Process Optimization; Scientific Research Management Process; Informatization