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Research on Service Quality Management and Evaluation Improvement of Cross-Border e-Commerce Based on Sem

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2019.129


Wang Binghuan

Corresponding Author

Wang Binghuan


with the Rapid Development of Internet Technology, Online Shopping Has Gradually Become a Part of People's Life. e-Commerce Credit Has Also Attracted People's Attention. the Seller's Credit Will Have an Important Impact on Consumers' Purchase Decision, Because the Seller's Credit Will Affect Product Quality, Service Attitude, Logistics Speed, Etc. Therefore, the Relationship between the Credit Rating of e-Commerce Transactions and the Seller's Product Sales is Being Studied. in This Paper, the Relevant Preconditions Are Put Forward, and the Structural Equation Model is Constructed for the Factors Related to e-Commerce Sellers and e-Commerce Sales. It Can Be Seen That Credit Score, Service Quality, Collection Number, Product Type and e-Commerce Selling Rate Have No Significant Impact on Product Sales. the Only Credit Rating Will Have an Important Positive Impact on Product Sales; Credit Rating is the Object of Service Quality and Credit. the Direct Impact of Scores, the Type of Goods, Favorable Rate and the Number of Store Collections Indirectly Affect Credit Rating.


E-Commerce Service; Quality Management; Evaluation