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Corporate Governance, Enterprise Management and Accounting Information System

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2019.126


Duan Hui

Corresponding Author

Duan Hui


Accounting Business Plays an Important Role in Control Structure and Business Management. Accounting Information Plays a Role in the Internal Management of Enterprises, Which Lays a Solid Foundation for the Internal Management and Management, and Provides a Guarantee for the Smooth Development of Other Businesses. Based on the Background of the New Era, Organizational Structure and Business Operation Are Interdependent, Which is the Impact of Accounting Information System and the Goal of Management. It is Necessary to Promote the Effective Internal Management System to Achieve the Sustainable Development of Enterprises. Therefore, This Paper Discusses the Relevance of Corporate Governance Structure, Business Operation and Accounting Information System, Hoping to Provide Useful Reference for Related Industries.


Corporate Governance; Enterprise Management; Accounting Information System