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From Legal Empowerment to Financial Equity -- a New Way of Financial Law under the Adjustment of Income Distribution and Market Deepening

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2019.125


Peng Du

Corresponding Author

Peng Du


under the Background of Income Distribution Adjustment and Market Deepening, the Research and System Construction of Financial Law Should Effectively Respond to the Goal of Financial Equity. the Theory of Legal Authorization Provides a New Perspective and Method for the Development of Financial Law. That is, to Confirm the Rights of the Financial System through the Legal System, to Build an Effective Mechanism to Realize the Rights, and to Promote the “Right Awareness” of Market Entities. So as to Improve the Ability to Participate in Financial Market Activities and Realize Their Own Development. from Legal Empowerment to Financial Equity, We No Longer Rely on Administrative Power as a Traditional Financial Law Paradigm, But More on the Power of Market Entities to Realize Its Rights.


Transformation of Financial Equity; Legal Empowerment Right; Consciousness Paradigm