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Analysis of Athletes' Physiological Arousal Stimulation Strategies in Sports Competition Based on Cooperative Learning Theory

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2019.124


Yan Shang

Corresponding Author

Yan Shang


If Athletes Want to Maintain the Best Competitive State and Good Sports Results in Sports Competitions, They Not Only Need Excellent Special Skills and Physical Fitness, But Also Have the Best Physiologic Arousal Ability in Competitions. the Level of Physiologic Arousal Ability Affects the Athletes' Performance in Competitions. the Level of Physiological Arousal Can Play a Positive or Negative Role in Competitive Sports. in Daily Training, All Efforts Should Be Made to Stimulate the Physiological Calling Level of Sports, So That Athletes' Physiological Arousal Can Be More Adapted to Their Own Physical Conditions. While Creating Life Value and Satisfying Noble Psychological Needs, How to Awaken and Stimulate the Physiological Level during Competition and Training is the Focus of This Article. Based on the Theory of Cooperative Learning, This Paper Sums Up the Basic Concept of Cooperative Learning in Physical Education Teaching Practice, and Analyzes the Performance of Physiological Arousal and the Arousal and Stimulation Strategies of Athletes.


Athletes; Physiological Arousal; Competitive Sports; Cooperative Learning