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Research on the Development Stage of Youth Sports Training Based on Data Warehouse

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2019.123


Yan Shang

Corresponding Author

Yan Shang


the Cultivation of Young Sports Reserve Talents is the Foundation of the Development of Competitive Sports and the Primary Resource for the Sustainable Development of Competitive Sports and Even the Whole Sports Undertaking. Therefore, the Cultivation of Young Reserve Talents Has Become an Important Link in the Development of Competitive Sports. in Sports Training, It is Often Necessary to Analyze a Large Number of Training and Competition Data in Order to Improve the Scientific Level of Sports Training and Ultimately Improve the Performance of Athletes. the Data Statistics Module Can Be Used for on-Site Statistics of Coaches, So That after a Game, You Can Get the Required Statistics, and Use It to Guide the Next Game. It is of Great Significance to Improve the Strategic Methods of Athletes and Improve Their Performance. Based on the Analysis of Data Warehouse, This Paper Reviews the Process of Youth Training in China, Grasps Its Development Status, and Provides Historical Experience and Practical Basis for the Reform and Development of Sports.


Teenagers; Sports Training; Stage of Development; Data Warehouse