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Research on Control Theory of Basketball Technical Training System Based on Functional Action Test Analysis

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2019.122


Peng Chen, Rui Tang

Corresponding Author

Rui Tang


in the Development Trend of Modern Basketball Technical Training, the Theoretical Thoughts Such as System Theory and Cybernetics Are Getting Deeper and Deeper into It. through Expounding the Methods and Principles of Functional Action Testing, This Paper Applies Functional Action Testing to Evaluate the Physical and Technical Limitations of Basketball Players, and Combines the Corresponding Testing Methods with Common Technical Actions in Basketball. in Order to Ensure the Accuracy of Shooting, We Must Make Progress in Continuous Training and Gradually Increase the Difficulty in Training. Based on This, We Can Make a Set of Detailed and Reasonable Training Plan, Which Will Definitely Improve the Hit Rate in the Competition Field.


Functional Action Test; Basketball; Technical Training; System Control