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Economic Management Risk Analysis of Construction Enterprise Project Based on Low Carbon Economy

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2019.120


Wenxiu Zhu

Corresponding Author

Wenxiu Zhu


Low Carbon Economy is a Social and Economic Model Characterized by Low Energy Consumption, Low Emissions and Low Pollution. It Provides a Win-Win Choice for Solving the Climate Warming Crisis and the Sustainable Economic Growth. Its Purpose is to Better Cope with Global Climate Change and At the Same Time to Promote Green Consumption and Finally to Better Achieve Economic Development and Environmental Protection on This Basis. the Risk of Economic Management of Engineering Project Runs through the Whole Process of Project Implementation. It is an Urgent Need for Enterprise Development to Prevent the Occurrence of Risk. to Improve the Construction and Use Effect of Engineering Projects, Generally, the Risk Prevention Strategies That Can Be Adopted Mainly Include Comprehensive Consideration of Various Economic Risks That May Occur in the Construction Process. Construction Enterprises, How to Grasp the Scientific Management in the Whole Process of Construction Projects, to Maximize the Cost Reduction, is Very Critical. Taking Economic Benefits as the Project Objective, for This Reason, If Enterprises Want to Achieve Sustainable Development, They Need to Establish a Low-Carbon Economic Awareness and Conduct a Comprehensive Analysis of the Economic Risks of the Project.


Low Carbon Economy; Construction; Engineering Project Economy; Risk