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A Study on the Common Problems and Countermeasures in the Training of Young Tennis Players

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2019.116


Yuwei Wang, Mofei Wen

Corresponding Author

Yuwei Wang


with the Rapid Development of Tennis in China and Even in the World, the Cultivation of Young Tennis Players Has Become One of the Hotspots of Tennis Research in China. to Improve the Overall Level of a Country's Tennis, in a Certain Level, It Depends on the Scale and Quality of the Cultivation of Young Tennis Players. the Purpose of Organizing Teenagers to Carry out Sports Training is to Reserve and Transport Talents for Sports in China. the Establishment of Tennis Reserve Training Team Provides a Relatively Sufficient Talent Reserve for the Cultivation of Excellent Tennis Players. in the Special Physical Fitness Training of Young Tennis Players, Scientific Training Methods and Means Should Be Used to Follow the Laws of Sports Training, Develop the Special Physical Fitness of Young Tennis Players and Take the Road of Scientific Training. Training Should Be a Continuous and Dynamic Process. It Should Be Based on People, Time and Local Conditions. Training Should Not Lose Personality, But Should Develop Specific Qualities with Personal Characteristics. the Training Form Should Not Be Completely Indoctrinated, But Should Reasonably Arrange Training Methods and Contents According to the Psychological and Physiological Characteristics of Teenagers.


Teenagers; Tennis; Athletes; Training